As a Business Owner, CEO, or Hiring Manager, never has there been a better time to ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • With labor being so tight due to the Pandemic, should we wait to hire top talent, or just hire average, or even below average?
  • If we hire average, how will this affect our customers?
  • How do we hire top talent in this period of labor shortage?
  • If we can’t hire the right people, should we be expanding? Or even opening?
  • Can we promote from within? If so, who is the best fit?

SelectionLink has had many clients asking these questions this past year.  The answers of course vary, depending on the client and the industry they operate in. 

Some of our clients are so desperate for employees, they are hiring just about anyone who walks in the door.  Others are being more selective, knowing that great service/talent is a priority for longevity

Many of their customers have been understanding of the slower/poorer service due to the pandemic and re-openings.  However, customers are becoming less and less tolerant of poor/slower service as time goes on.  As things continue to “normalize,” customers will once again flock to the businesses who offer the very best service.

  • What is the cost of losing a customer?
    • It can take up to 700% more in revenue to replace a lost customer.
    • Most organizations attribute 50% or more of their revenue to repeat customers.

These are critical questions, and the organizations who can solve these questions, will continue to thrive once this crazy pandemic finally ends!

Need help addressing these questions?  SelectionLink, Inc. can help with your recruitment and strength-based assessment interview solutions. 

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