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Sixty years ago, employees found one company and settled down for the length of their career. Today, employees often jump from company to company and take their skill, experience and tacit knowledge with them. 

This turnover costs companies thousands, even millions, of dollars each and every year. 

What if you had the ability to better control when and why people leave your organization? 

  • Identify the top causes of turnover
  • Improve employee morale and engagement levels
  • Turn your workplace into a destination for top producers

Exit Interviews and Employee Engagement Surveys are two solutions in our toolbox that work together to help uncover causes of disengagement inside your organization and stop turnover in its tracks.

    Retain your Talent

    Exit Interviews

    Performing exit interview with top producer, asking them to come back.

    When employees depart, you have the golden opportunity to receive honest feedback about your organization and what it is like to work there. We can gather the data you need to improve employee retention. 

    The three most common objectives organizations seek from Exit Interviews are:

    ➢ Identify why talented employees are leaving.
    ➢ Develop measurable action plans based on the research results.
    ➢ Re-recruit individuals who have a positive rehire status.

    Exit Surveys are NOT one size fits all.  SelectionLink will meet with key Stakeholders to learn your culture, critical job roles, KPI’s, and overall objectives.

    During implementation, SelectionLink will gather the contact information from those employees who have left your organization on GOOD TERMS. 

    Our team will then make multiple attempts to contact these individuals to gather the survey data.  The data can be collected through multiple outlets, including, direct emails with a weblink to the exit survey.  Our professional Staff members can also conduct direct phone calls which increases the overall RESPONSE RATE of your Exit Interviews.

    Enjoy state of the art reporting with segmented measurement, improvement opportunities, specific feedback, and action calls.

    Finally, do you have a list of ALLSTARS who you would love to come back to work for your organization?  If so, our Recruiters can ask these ALLSTARS if they would consider returning to work for your organization.

    Employee Engagement Surveys

    While Talent is innate and static, Engagement is a dynamic.

    Whether a team, market, or organization has high or low engagement, steps must be taken to sustain or build engagement overtime. Low Employee Engagement can be influenced by many different factors.  Good or bad, it is critical to give your employees a voice, establish benchmarks, and strive to build a great place to work. 

    Why Administer Employee Engagement Surveys?

    • To identify, measure, and prioritize what has the greatest influence on your Employee’s Engagement.
    • Focus your efforts and resources on the areas that have the greatest impact on ROI.

    Engagement is not just “employee satisfaction,” rather it involves a deeper sense of
    commitment to work, team and company.

    When employees are truly engaged, they can tolerate frustrations, limited periods of lower
    work satisfaction and remain highly committed.

    When employees are fully engaged, they are more productive, committed and conscientious.  However, when an employee is disengaged, they may have checked out completely and may be doing more harm to your team than you realize. 

    Employee Engagement Surveys are most effective when conducted by a third party. It is imperative to create an atmosphere of anonymity and safety so employees can comfortably be open and honest in their survey responses.

    SelectionLink provides detailed analytics, as well as action plans for improving engagement across your organization.

    Knowledge is power. Power that can be used to make your company a better place to work.  SelectionLink can give you this knowledge with our Exit Interview and Employee Engagement Survey services

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