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Take the guesswork out of your hiring process

“Her resume was perfect and she really wowed everyone during the interview process. Her background and references even checked out. So, why is she just not performing?”

This situation is all-too-familiar for many companies. Luckily, there is a simple solution. There is one critical detail missing from your vetting process – SelectionLink’s strength-based assessments. These talent assessments are designed to provide a snapshot of how a candidate is likely to perform once they are hired. The results of these assessments help to take the guesswork out of hiring decisions.

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Strength-based talent assessment

You can teach skills, but you cannot teach personalities!

You can’t teach a customer service representative to smile when there is no smile in them. You can’t teach a salesperson to close if they are afraid to ask. Nor can you teach a nurse to care when they lack empathy. And you cannot teach someone to lead if they are not born with natural leadership talents. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you knew who had these traits before making your hiring decisions?

Our leaders have over 80 years of combined experience studying which personality traits are most important in various positions. If you can find someone with the specific themes we have identified, you and your new employee will both have a much better chance of succeeding.

SelectionLink has assessments that reach all positions from hourly employees to senior-level executives. We offer a wide variety of assessments that can be administered either online or verbally by a Certified Professional Analyst. Or, if you want a customized talent assessment built specifically for your company’s culture and designed to assess your most critical positions, we can help with that as well!

The science behind our assessments

In order to select the best, we must study and understand how top performers behave. We identify the talents that are unique to your culture and needs, rather than using a generalized one-size-fits-all approach to selection. When selecting a new employee, it is not enough to see what experience a person has or hear about their skills or subjects they have studied. These expertly-designed assessments measure an individual’s talents, skills, personality and more in order to help you make educated decisions in your hiring process. Learn more about the process we use to handcraft our customized assessments.

Data-driven insight

The results will provide an in-depth understanding of your candidates and what drives them. You can even assess the hiring manager to determine if they will be a good fit together. Your greatest success will come from measuring their likelihood of success in your unique environment as well as their capacity to achieve excellence. Our assessments are crafted to provide just that.

Need to see proof? View some of our case studies to see how our assessments compare to real-life employee performance in the workplace. You can also view some sample assessment results and learn about how to use these results.

Strength-Based versus Normative-Based

  • Our methodology is to understand what differentiates the best in a role.
  • Rather than building a model based on the average, we build models based upon excellence.

Customized versus Standard Assessments

  • Identify the talents that are unique to your culture and needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to selection.
  • Customize your interviews and “measure what matters” to your organization.

Innate versus Educate

  •  Focus on the innate (fixed) attributes of a candidate rather than abilities that can be learned or acquired.
  • While experience, skills and knowledge are important, these attributes will change over a lifetime. What is stable and unchangeable is one’s talent (the capacity to achieve excellence).
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