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A powerful team is more than just hiring the right people, although that is a good start. The strongest teams have many things in common, including:

  • Managers who know how to maximize their employees’ potential,
  • Associates who work regularly at refining their strengths,
  • Teams who work together as one cohesive unit, and
  • Action plans for continuous improvement based on employee performance and engagement.

Strength-based training

SelectionLink offers strength-based trainings for both individuals and groups. Individuals take an assessment specifically designed to determine their unique blend of strengths, as well as their weaknesses. Then, during this one-day event, a Certified Trainer provides training to help these individuals better understand who they are, the strengths they have, and how they may leverage these talents within their environment.

For trainings based on team building, we will dig a bit deeper and show your team how to effectively work together. Each individual will walk away with a deeper comprehension of what they can do to build on their strengths while managing their weaknesses effectively, both for themselves as individuals and as part of a team.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Measuring employee engagement is a tricky task that almost always needs to be done by a third party. It is imperative to create an atmosphere of safety so that employees can feel comfortable to be open and honest in their survey responses. SelectionLink’s employee engagement surveys measure engagement at the individual, team, department and company-wide levels, as well as the engagement of the leadership team. We can provide detailed analysis, as well as plans for improving engagement across your organization, for companies of any size.

Employee Performance Measurement & Management

Employee performance measurement and management should be a part of every organization. Even the smallest companies have the ability to complete employee evaluations on an annual or semi-annual basis. Let SelectionLink help you ask the right questions and, more importantly, use the results as a tool for growth and learning. We can help you create development plans for your employees. Determine who is or is not performing in order to continue molding your crew into a stronger, performance-driven team.

Succession Planning & Modeling

Need help determining who on your team is ready to take the next step and move up the chain? In order to choose the most successful candidate, you first need to be aware of their unique talents. Allow SelectionLink to interview candidates to help you determine which candidates have the best potential. The results of our assessments can help you measure future potential and determine a long-term strategy to ensure the continued success of your company.

Exit Interviews

Find out why people are leaving your organization. This is a great tool to find out why good people are leaving your company and how to fix it. Re-recruit associates that you would love to have come back to work for your organization. Our recruiters call and ask a variety of pre-approved questions to the associates who have recently left your organization. Your list may have a re-hire status that could also allow our recruiters to ask them if they would consider returning to work for your organization and, if so, what their terms would be. This is a great tool to reduce turnover and hire back all stars.
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