For decades, “Online” Assessments have saved companies billions of dollars by helping them select the right employees. Is this about to change?

What is the role of Artificial Intelligence and “Online” Assessments?

In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved to where chatbots (such as ChatGPT) can provide answers to just about anything. Helpful, timesaving, informative. Right?

Yes and no. When we are the ones looking for information, these AI bots can be super helpful. But what happens when we are on the other end?

Since we are still in the infancy phase of AI, it will take time to research the effects AI may have on the overall validity and predictability of online assessments. However, in time, its effects will become more evident when we are able to conduct comparative analysis from Pre-AI to Post-AI.

As it stands right now, “online” assessments may already not be as reliable as they were just a few short years ago. Candidates can look up the “best” answers for online assessments and receive an instant response from AI.

Does this mean that pre-employment assessments are a dead science?

Pre-employment assessments themselves can still be an important tool for making the right hires. Employers have other assessment options and can take steps to ensure predictability and validity.

Here are two things organizations can do to ensure they receive the greatest ROI when using assessments:

  1. Consider using interview centers or onsite kiosks. If your organization has a physical location, you can have candidates take your assessments in person on site in a proctored environment.

    If you do NOT have a physical location, consider outsourcing to a third party who can provide a proctored environment for candidates to complete your desired assessments.

  1. “Online” assessments were never as predictable as other interview methods to begin with. Alternative assessments are conducted “VERBALLY” by a live person, either on the phone, on video conference, or in person. Many organizations have been ahead of this game for years. “Verbal” Assessments are becoming more popular as employers shift or change their online assessment strategy.

How do “Verbal” Assessments work?

Verbal Assessments, such as SelectionLink’s Pro-Select Assessments are conducted by a trained/certified Analyst.  The Pro-Select is a Talent Based Assessment, which predicts the success rate of top performers.  It is NOT a one size fits all.  The Pro-Select offers multiple assessments for a variety of positions and industries.

What makes the Pro-Select unique is that SelectionLink has thousands of questions that have been validated through extensive research.  Perhaps more important (the secret sauce if you will) is having a trained/certified analyst who knows what to “Listen for” in each response given by the applicant.

Aren’t these live assessment options more expensive?

While live assessments may cost more per assessment than online assessments, the ROI and success rate is much higher. For example, SelectionLink’s Pro-Select Assessments have a 92%+ predictive success rate.  Even the most effective online assessments can only achieve a success rate of around 70%, and that is before the advent of artificial intelligence.

As you know, hiring the wrong employees gets expensive!

Artificial Intelligence brings our world so many benefits, but every new advancement will have side effects that we must prepare for. Is it time for your organization to consider how AI will affect your bottom line? If you would like to learn more about our services, contact us today.