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Measure your ROI

Great leaders only make purchases when they are confident of the ROI (Return on Investment). SelectionLink has conducted numerous case studies for participating clients which show the value of their investment when using our services. 

SelectionLink can help you measure certain aspects of your hiring or operations to either compare before vs. after results or to show the comparison of solution results vs. performance results.

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Continual Improvement of Assessments

Many of the case studies we perform measure the assessment results vs. actual results in the workplace for groups of individuals. These comparisons validate the accuracy of our assessment results and help us to continuously fine tune our processes.

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A Case Study of Our Own

Independent Study – PhD I/O Psychologist

An independent study conducted by a PhD I/O Psychologist at Kansas State University, concluded that Pro-Select Assessment Interviews predict top producers in the workplace at a 92% success rate.

Independent Study graphs

Just like this case study measured our success, we can measure your success. Contact Us today if you would like to learn more about the process.

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