Case Studies

We perform case studies with willing clients that measure the assessment results vs. actual results in the workplace for groups of individuals. These comparisons validate the accuracy of our assessment results and help us to continuously fine tune our processes. They can also help our clients verify a return on investment. If you are interested in having a case study done with your company, please contact us to start the process.

Concurrent Validity Case Studies

These concurrent validity case studies were done on existing employees at the participating companies. The hiring company provided SelectionLink with 3 groups based on actual performance data they have collected over time. The results are displayed by performance group to show the correlation between the assessment results and actual results in the workplace.

Predictive Validity Case Studies

These predictive validity case studies were done on a pool of candidates prior to being hired. Based on the results, SelectionLink split the results into 3 categories: Recommended for Hire, Conditionally Recommended for Hire and Not Recommended for Hire. The company then hired their selected individuals from all 3 groups and measured their performance. After a period of time, they compared the recommendations to actual performance.

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