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Your employees fuel your business. They are the backbone of your organization. That is why it is important to follow a selection process that is detailed and tailored to your specific company. You should only trust the recruitment process to people who know what it takes to make the right hiring decisions and also understand all the many ways a hiring decision can go wrong. Unfortunately, this is a full-time effort and many companies do not have the resources to dedicate to recruiting associates the right way.

SelectionLink offers multiple recruitment services, so your management team can focus on running your business.

Executive Recruitment

Although all team members are important, your executives will be molding and guiding associates and the company’s future. And they are not always easy to come by! The search for top-level executives for your company deserves specials attention. This costs additional time and effort.

Let SelectionLink do all the tiresome legwork for you with our full-service executive recruitment. Our experts are trained in this specific field to find only the most qualified executives who are a perfect fit for your needs. We handle everything from the search to the initial screening interviews and the assessments required to make sure they are a good fit for your specific company, department, team and position. Ad hoc recruitment services also available.

Mid-Level/Associate Recruitment & RPO Services

Many companies struggle to effectively sort through the overwhelming number of candidates for mid-level and associate positions. They often receive candidates from multiple sources, and it can become very difficult to keep track of everything! Not to mention, looking at a resume is not the best way to determine if a particular candidate is the best candidate. There are just too many pieces to the puzzle.

SelectionLink understands all the different puzzle pieces that make a great team member. We can more efficiently narrow down the many candidates, taking loads of work off your plate. Allow us to manage all aspects of the recruitment process and only bring you the candidates who are not only qualified for the position, but would also fit into your company’s culture. Or, if you just need assistance with a specific part of the process, look into our ad hoc recruitment services below.

Ad hoc recruitment services
Does your company only need assistance with a portion of the hiring process? Perhaps you just need someone to bring you candidates, but you want to handle the rest of the process. SelectionLink can assist with candidate sourcing, resume screening, candidate pre-screening or any other detail of the hiring process (or even a combination of these items).
Candidate engagement
People often forget that the hiring process is not just candidates trying to sell themselves to the company, but the company trying to sell itself to the right candidate. Hiring someone who cares about the company and its success is an extremely important piece of the puzzle. SelectionLink has experts with extensive experience selling candidates on a variety of career positions for a variety of companies.  We will find out exactly what your main selling points are and will develop a sales strategy from this information. Your recruiters can then present this information, or our recruiters can present the opportunity to them directly and refer them to you once they are 100% committed to moving forward with your organization.
Recruitment training
Do you want to have someone on your staff do what we do? We can train a member of your organization to screen candidates the SelectionLink way. We specialize in training people to be better recruiters, all the way from writing more effective job ads to making the best hiring decisions. We can even provide training on what to look for outside of the resume to make sure they are choosing someone who possesses the right skills, knowledge, aptitude, personality and attitude to excel in your company. They will be taught how to measure a candidate’s engagement potential as well as their compatibility with your company’s culture.
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