Has your business growth been in lockdown due to the pandemic?

Are you ready for the economy to fully rebound and your business to prosper as it was before the pandemic?  

As a business leader, what actions are you taking to ensure your organization is ahead of the competition once things normalize?

A great place to start is assessing your most vital resources: TALENTED PEOPLE

Ask yourself the following three fundamental questions:

1) Do I have the right talent onboard to quickly rebound and respond to opportunities for growth?

Great teams are first and foremost made up of great players.  Assess the caliber and potential of your employees.  Consider their abilities and potential to achieve excellence in what they do.  You cannot achieve greatness by relying on mediocre (or average) personnel. You will need to make sure you have top talent throughout your organization.

2) Are my people in a position to do those things they do best?

We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses.  The key to unlocking the potential of an employee is to make sure you are aligning them to the tasks, jobs, and responsibilities that they can do best.  When managers ask their people to do things they are not naturally good at, both parties will be disappointed.

3) Have I engaged my top performers in ways to secure their retention and personal growth?

There is an adage, “you are nobody until somebody expects something out of you.” Organizations need to work with their people to understand their goals, their direction, their abilities and make sure they can see the course and access the right opportunities to grow.  

Leveraging the potential of highly talented people is the hallmark of any great organization, during good times and bad.

Challenge yourself to make this a priority!