Check out this recent article that was published in HR Tech Magazine as a result of SelectionLink’s TOP 10 ASSESSMENT Provider Award.

Many hiring Managers focus on the skills of a candidate, but neglect to consider their personality traits, which are much more predictive of job performance success.  And, unlike skills, personality (a reflection of an individual’s character) cannot be taught. Therefore, it pays to determine upfront whether a candidate has the personality traits that are required for a specific job position.

“SelectionLink Inc.” a comprehensive talent acquisition solutions company, provides talent assessments that allow companies to focus on key personalities for their unique workplace environment. “SelectionLink’s strength-based assessment interviews determine the personal strengths and weaknesses which predict the likelihood of a candidate’s performance for certain job roles,” says Tim Sorensen, managing partner at SelectionLink.

“Catering to a variety of organizations over the years, we have seen a consistent demand for ‘Achiever,’ a trait symbolizing the need for accomplishment, high energy/ intensity, mental strength, and much more,” adds Sorensen.

To that end, we utilize multiple questions aimed at analyzing the candidates level of the `Achiever` trait during the interview process.

One of the questions among them is: “Do you need to accomplish something every day in order to feel good about yourself?” A person high in `Achiever` will say “absolutely” without qualifying their answer.

The leadership team at SelectionLink has brought to bear its 80 years of combined industry experience to identify 43 career related personality traits and has researched more than 1,200 trait predictive questions.

SelectionLink’s clients assist in defining the personality traits necessary for various positions. Through conducting focus groups, stakeholder interviews, and job analysis surveys, SelectionLink assists companies design interviews for their most critical positions.

SelectionLink offers two types of candidate assessment solutions, Pro-Select and Self-Select, both of which are designed to help clients fill different positions, ranging from entry-level associate to C-level executives.

SelectionLink’s Pro-Select assessments are conducted “verbally” by the interviewer over the phone or in person. The interviewer can grade/code each question based on the candidate’s responses and share the overall interview results with the hiring managers and other concerned departments.

Once the personality assessment—consisting of about 50-120 questions—is complete, the solution generates an automated performance graph and a detailed report. The report gives an indication of how the candidate will perform for the concerned position. The results of the assessment help clients discover 10-20 traits that are the most critical for the specific job role.

On the other hand, SelectionLink’s Self-Select is an online solution application for screening a high volume of candidates. The tool allows candidates to enter their basic information and take the personality assessment themselves. Results are then sent automatically to the hiring managers.

SelectionLink has dedicated analysts who train clients’ teams on how to assess candidates based on the interview results.

While hiring the right candidate is a great start, maximizing their potential and keeping them on board is the ultimate goal for any company. Therefore, SelectionLink assists clients with training, employee engagement, and development to reduce turnover.

In a case study, SelectionLink’s 20-year old client, a large media company, had a problem predicting top-performing employees in their sales department. SelectionLink identified 13 personality traits that were consistent in all of the current top performers and subsequently developed talent assessment interviews that had 65 questions. Soon, the client noticed that those who scored high on the assessment generated $315,000 more in revenue per annum than those who scored low.

Following a proven track record of success, SelectionLink aims to continue to assist organizations who are serious about selecting the “right” employees. Their mission is to help individuals identify their natural talents and to strategically link them with organizations where they can thrive.