Why do most assessment interviews fail?

One issue is that it is difficult to guarantee that the person you are interviewing is the same person who took the actual assessment. But that’s not even your biggest problem.

In today’s world, everything is online, including the answers.  Faster and more inexpensive, yes, and it encourages the industry to go cheap. But is it better? Not so much! Most online assessment answers can be found by conducting a simple web search; here is one of many examples.

So, what prevents your candidates from finding the correct responses online?

How do you ensure it is the actual candidate taking the survey and not someone else? And considering all this, is there even a place for online assessments?  Sure. Hey, even we have them!  But with other options available, we recommend online assessments only under very specific circumstances. Mainly, you should use an online assessment when screening a very high number of mid-to-entry level applicants, ideally screening out the bottom 25% of your applicant pool. If you are using online assessments for an end-all candidate predictor, you are likely in a world of hurt.

The worst mistake a hiring manager can make is going fast and cheap when hiring their company’s future.  Almost every Financial Analyst, including Warren Buffet, agree that Talented People are one of the top 4 reasons for consistent long-term growth resulting in higher stock performance of an organization.

How do you hire with confidence?

The only way to hire with confidence is by spending time with your applicants.  With over 30 years of research and 100,000+ interviews completed, SelectionLink’s Pro-Select and Pro-Select (Trainer) Interviews have been time and battle-tested.  These verbal assessment interviews have a 92% predictability rate and are conducted live over the phone or via zoom call.  They consist of 50-120 questions (depending on the position) completed and coded by a certified Analyst.  Your candidates will be impressed with the thoroughness of your interview process. Still, you will have gained more information than you imagined through these verbal custom-built strengths-based assessment interviews.

If you take hiring the best people seriously, contact SelectionLink for a free assessment.