SelectionLink associates assisted a large 5,000+ employee bank with the selection of Loan Officers. Before the hiring process, each candidate took an in-depth assessment. They were categorized into 3 categories:

– Not Recommended for Hire
– Conditionally Recommended for Hire
– Recommended for Hire

The bank selected and hired 73 Loan officers (some from each group). After these officers were employed for a period of 18 months, we compared their workplace results with our original categorizations. We found that the Loan Officers who had been recommended generated $1,131,000 more in loans than those who were conditionally recommended, and $2,134,000 more than those who were not recommended.

This helps display the assessment’s ability to predict which candidates are likely to perform higher in a given role. Talk to a representative today to take the guesswork out of your hiring process.

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