We leave no stone unturned when it comes to developing tailor-made Assessments for your organization’s most critical positions.

Our research team and Ph.D. Advisors take the time to learn your organization’s culture and most critical positions in order to develop assessments that will guarantee you are hiring employees who will perform similar to your top producers.

SelectionLink’s 7-Step Research and Development Process

Step 1: Stakeholder Interviews

SelectionLink will perform a qualitative study of the current and future job demands as well as your company’s culture. SelectionLink researchers start by conducting open-ended exploratory interviews with executives and subject matter experts who best understand the objectives and requirements of the job. Each stakeholder interview will last approximately 30 minutes and will be conducted at a convenient time for the stakeholder being interviewed.

These results will be compiled in order to be later compared with key discoveries from the focus groups in Step 2.

Step 2: Focus Groups

The next step in the qualitative research phase involves conducting focus group discussions with current outstanding/top performing employees in the specific position. It is critically important that those selected for the focus group be models of the types of associates that your company needs for future success. The focus group, lasting from 1 to 1.5 hours, will consist of approximately six to twelve participants and will be conducted via conference call or at a convenient on-site meeting location.  A Sr. SelectionLink Researcher will facilitate the focus group and will record and transcribe it for research analysis.

Step 3: Job Analysis Survey

We will distribute a job analysis survey to experts at your company who have a strong knowledge of the position and what it takes to be successful in the role. This survey is administered on a web-based platform and takes approximately 15-20 minutes for each expert to complete. These results will be compiled and used in the design of the assessment, and will also add greatly to the legal defensibility of the process. The expert will be asked to rate the importance and frequency of use of various traits/competencies. Then, by using this rating system, we determine which traits/competencies are important in being an outstanding associate in this particular role. Stakeholder and focus group participants will also be asked to complete this form.

Step 4: Job Observation

If necessary, SelectionLink researchers will spend some time with outstanding/top performers in this position in order to observe them doing their job. The researchers will take detailed notes based on their observations. This information will be compiled with all of the other phases of the qualitative research.

Together, this information will aid in hypothesizing salient traits/competencies and developing the final assessment.

Step 5: Building the Assessment

Experts will compile and analyze results of the stakeholder interviews, job analysis surveys, focus group discussions, and job observation findings in order to determine key constructs that differentiate the set of themes consistently identified by stakeholders and exhibited by high performers. From these results, the research team will design a measurement instrument that focuses on the attributes that matter the most in the identification and selection of top-performing associates.

This results in the completion of your custom-built structured interview measurement instrument (or assessment). Your custom-built assessment will have been validated as the most appropriate tool to meet your assessment needs as defined by your company. The structured interview provides a reliable, sophisticated system to measure any applicant against a validated talent profile. The set of predictive questions and “theme predictive responses” can guide and improve the selection decisions made regarding all future associates.

Step 6: Performance Tracking Data

SelectionLink’s Director of Research will work with your company to identify the performance variables that best measure the success of your critical positions. These performance measures help to identify current model performers. They will also be observed and developed over time to track the utility of the assessments in identifying those individuals with the highest likelihood to succeed in these critical positions.

Step 7: Concurrent Validation

For our online and in-depth assessments, incumbent associates are selected to complete a Pilot Assessment and to concurrently validate the Interview. Experts identify and contrast results from a Target Group of top performers against the results from a Comparative Group of average and low performers. SelectionLink will assess each of your associates in this position. SelectionLink will ask your company to determine whether the associates are top performers, average performers or less successful performers. Wherever possible, objective performance measures to support these designations will be collected.

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